Australian Sunflowers

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Visiting our Sunflower regions?

Our community values safe and productive farms. We ask you to do the same by taking photos outside of the field boundary.

Everyone loves sunflower season, particularly photographers and instagrammers! However there are a few do's and don'ts that you need to keep in mind this sunflower season.

Learn more about becoming a responsible sunflower photographer before you head out to capture that perfect shot.

So remember, don't destroy what you've come to enjoy.

Can I walk into a sunflower crop?

Before entering any property, you must have permission from the property owner. This applies even if the paddock is not fenced. So please stay outside the farm boundary.

If you do have permission to enter, please adhere to the property’s biosecurity requirements when you enter, leave and while on the property. Complying with industry standards ensures safe, clean food and fibre production.

We all have a duty to know, or find out, what biosecurity measures we must follow when visiting a property to minimise biosecurity risks.

What is the risk?

Visitors, along with their clothing and cars, can unintentionally transport serious pests and diseases. These can cause significant damage to farm production, need costly control measures to fix and create emotional stress for farmers.

Unseen and microscopic pests, weed seeds and diseases from your garden or elsewhere can be carried in soil on shoes, on picnic items like eskies, folding chairs and rugs, on clothes and hats, or on your vehicle.

Following good farm biosecurity is not just good manners – it’s the law! Everyone has an obligation to take an active role in managing biosecurity risks under their control. This means that you must take all reasonable steps to ensure that you do not spread pests, diseases or contaminants.

Why is it important?

A farm represents a family’s livelihood as well as their private home.

Depending on the type of crop, it will ultimately be harvested for cooking oil, food for people or animals, fibre for clothing or may even be used to make bio-diesel. Protecting crops from pests or contamination is vital.

What can I do?

It is recommended you call ahead of any intended visit to a property. If you are passing by a property, follow and obey signage, which could be located at the property entrance or along roads.

It doesn’t matter if gates are open or closed, or if there are unfenced paddocks – do not enter, unless you have specific permission from the owner to do so.

 It is all about respect.

Respect signage

Respect fences

Respect farmer's requests

Respect privacy

Show respect by taking photos outside the farm boundary.

Be careful and get home safely

Farms are workplaces and can carry hidden or unexpected dangers.

Top biosecurity tips for your country drive

8. Leave your pets at home. If you must take your animals with you, keep them restrained at all times.

More information

For more on your biosecurity obligation and farm biosecurity, visit Queensland Government or phone 13 25 23